Joe Beckham

The average person spends between 70 to 80% of their day engaged in some form of communication, and about 55% of their time devoted to listening.


Joe, on the other hand, devotes about 99% of his time to listening.


As a brilliant audio technician who’s been working gigs, shows, and concerts around Austin, the United States, and the world for as long as he can remember, Joe understands how to listen for tone, quality, and volume at a level most of us will never understand.


And that’s exactly why, in 2010 through a referral from a friend, we contracted him to come run our audio on Sunday mornings at Northpoint.


When Joe walked in that first Sunday morning at Parkside Elementary, he found the guitars, sound boards, microphones, and computers that he was expecting, but he and his wife Trish also found something they had never experienced before.


Complete, genuine, authentic, community.


Joe says that every single person welcomed them “with such open arms, and the sense of community was just overwhelming.” They had never walked into a home, restaurant, church, or other organization and experienced that they belonged in that way.


On top of the community, each and every week as Joe twists knobs and adjust sliders in the back of the auditorium, he gets to sit through messages multiple times that have helped him understand what it looks like to grow with his marriage, his family, and his relationship with God through both the ups and downs that life brings your way.


And today, not only do Joe and Trish know they belong, but their kids have found a place where they love to be. Every Sunday morning as Joe gets ready for service, his little ones run towards the sound booth yelling “Daddy!” because of how much they love him and what he does. And as the doors to UpStreet open for K - 5th graders and the Waumba Land volunteers welcome the little ones with open arms, they’re there each and every week, excited to go to church.  


Two months ago, we asked Joe to step into a newly created Audio Director role, empowering him even further to create more amazing experiences on Sunday morning, and Trish began showing babies how much their Heavenly Father loves them from day one by serving with them in Waumba Land.


Everyone who meets Joe and his family know that they are as fun, caring, and genuine as it gets, and they are creating for others the very community that they walked into 8 years ago.

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