Madison Meyer

Meet Madison.


Today, she’s a 16 year old junior at Round Rock High School, a middle school girls small group leader, a basketball player, and the founder of her own nonprofit, Meals from Madison.


But let’s rewind a bit.


When she went through family challenges in 2nd grade, Madison was out on church and out on God. For the next 7 years of her life or so, God played a very limited role in her life, if any at all.


But that all began to change because of an invite.


In her freshman year of high school, one of Madison’s best friends persistently invited her to be a part of Camp 75 at Northpoint. Despite her initial and consistent push back to the event where students put on 75 minute camps for kids and families all around our community, Madison signed up in the 9th hour, and she had “the most life changing experience in her entire life.”


That summer was the first time that Madison fully invited God into her life and made the decision to follow Christ, trusting that he has a reason and a purpose for her life.


Now, back to today.


In January, Madison attended a high school weekend retreat called MyLife at Northpoint where she and her small group had the chance to bond, grow, and serve people in our community. For their outing on Saturday afternoon, they decided to pack bags full of soup and sandwiches and deliver them to the homeless community all around Austin.


But while they were delivering, Madison couldn’t help but ask the question, “why does this have to be once a year?” The reality that there are people with so much living in such close proximity to those who have so little broke her heart. So Madison did what you do when encounter a problem your passionate about on a soul level.


She planned.


Over the coming weeks, Madison, with the support of her mom and friends, laid the framework for a nonprofit that would consistently hold food and clothing drives for the homeless community in Austin.


In just five short months, Madison has delivered 1,253 meals to people all around our city, and she has a drive, passion, and purpose that inspires everyone who meets her.


Madison has said yes to a relationship with God, yes to serving Him, and yes to being for our city.


We can’t wait to see what she says yes to next.  

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