Day 14

“But Jesus was quick to comfort them. ‘Courage, it’s me. Don’t be afraid.’ Peter, suddenly bold, said, ‘Master, if it’s really you, call me to come to you on the water.’ He said, ‘Come ahead.’ Jumping out of the boat, Peter walked on the water to Jesus. But when he looked down at the waves churning beneath his feet, he lost his nerve and started to sink. He cried, ‘Master, save me!’ Jesus didn’t hesitate. He reached down and grabbed his hand. Then he said, ‘Faint-heart, what got into you?’

Matthew 14:27-31, MSG


Stepping out in faith in the face of the impossible is not just about you. Yes, God is for you—He calls you to step out so your faith and trust in Him will grow. He calls you out into the great unknown so your life will be forever changed in powerful and profound ways. But just as there are consequences for our personal lives when we choose to stay in the safety of the boat, there are also consequences for those around us.

People are watching. They’re waiting to be inspired. They’re waiting to be helped. They’re waiting to see if this God thing is real. You have the incredible, awesome privilege of living your life out loud, showing by your actions that yes, God is real and active and alive. Even when you fall, your life is a testament that God saves even in the midst of our failures and shortcomings. Especially then.

Some of these people are the next generation, the young people coming up behind us who are currently navigating roads we, too, have once walked. How would their journey change if they knew that God was for them just as He is for you? What would their lives be like if they knew He was always good, always kind, and always accessible?

As easy as it is to fall into the trap that this life is our own, God reminds us that in order to truly gain our life we must lose it. Sometimes “losing” our life means letting down the facade, to be real and vulnerable with those coming up behind us, to give them a true glimpse that though life can be very, very hard, it is always better to go with God. With Jesus, and only with Jesus, do we get to do the impossible things. The fear and risk are mighty, but God is always bigger.


  • What parts of your life does God want you to share, not only with those in your generation, but in the one coming behind you?

  • What can I do to invest in the next generation so they know that God is for them?


Jesus, show me how I can be for the next generation so they may know the fullness of who You are and what You want for them. Amen.

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