Day 19

“Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.”

Luke 6:38, MSG


Why is it so hard to maintain a continual release on our life?

It’s a heavy question, too—one that we don’t often pause to think about when we get out of bed in the morning. Because of the pulls of this world, it can be easy to get distracted from living as though our life doesn’t really belong to us. Many of us naturally go about our daily roles and jobs. We get used to getting done what needs to get done. Over time, this turns into self-reliance. We get locked into the rules of the world and we believe that if we follow these rules, engage in these behaviors, or avoid certain situations, we’ll be okay. At our core, many times, we are swept up in insecurities as we hear the news or read the paper or scroll the Internet. The “what if” questions swirl and we feel our only option is to prepare for as many worst-case scenarios we can.

But what if this self-reliance and continual storing away for the future isn’t congruent with living our life as though it is not our own? God doesn’t want us to be foolish and throw all caution to the wind. However, He does want us to listen to Him before we start planning and prepping and relying on our own ways of doing things. Because what if what we deem as abundance actually pales in comparison to what He has in store for us?

Perhaps the larger question is this: What if part of what we have is how God wants to provide abundance for another? What if part of what they then receive enables them to give to the next person in need? What if we created a cycle where this Scripture comes to life in our very church, our very neighborhood, our very city? What if we were known for our generosity? How would that change the world?


Do you perpetuate a cycle where generosity begets generosity?

What is one generous thing you can do today?


Jesus, show me how I can perpetuate a cycle of generosity begetting generosity. Amen.

Run with it

Go shopping for the Blue Santa drive and see how you can participate at church and in the Austin parade.

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