Day 6

“And so my judgment is that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God.”

-Acts 15:19, NLT


Have you ever overcomplicated the simple? Have you ever heard something and rejected it simply because it seemed too easy? Because life can be complicated and difficult, we tend to look on the things that seem “easy” and dismiss them as too good to be true. To have a relationship with Jesus is easy to begin: Confess your wrong-doings, admit you need a Savior, accept His love and forgiveness and ask Him to grow you into the person He created you to be.

But sometimes, we overcomplicate things, don’t we? We tell ourselves we shouldn’t have to rely on anyone else. We let the shame of what we’ve done tell us we’re never truly going to be accepted. We’re afraid that there won’t be any growth—because what could God really want/do with me?

Even people who have known Jesus and had a relationship with Him for sometime can fall into these lies. We convince ourselves that Jesus loves us because of what we do for Him. We don’t truly tell others what we’re struggling with because we think we’re not supposed to fail.

We end up putting conditions on something that’s unconditional because we simply have trouble believing the simple is a real possibility. Our life on this earth just doesn’t seem to pan out that way, so we assume God won’t pan out that way, either. But God doesn’t view us the way the world views us or even how we view us.

God just wants us to come—not after we jumped through a thousand hoops or dressed up our shortcomings. He wants us to simply come into His love, His healing, His joy.


Have I overcomplicated my relationship with Jesus? Are there parts of my life I feel I must hide from Him? Do I feel like sometimes I have to earn His love?

Relate (pray)

Jesus, Help me to understand the simplicity of your love for me so I may receive it without condition. Amen.

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