Stephanie Scheffer

For Stephanie Scheffer, while church was connected to so many different aspects of her life - school, home, family - she always felt disconnected from the idea of faith. She trusted that there was a God, but stopped there. The person of Jesus was always just that, a person and nothing more. Over time, she grew further from the church and disengaged from her faith altogether.  

It wasn’t until having kids and beginning to see the same cycle of faith in them, that she became open to the idea of church again. Coincidentally, friends invited her, her husband Jason and their two kids, Kaleb and Emily, to try out Northpoint for Christmas Eve 2017. They loved it and decided to come back. Over time, Stephanie began to re-open the door to faith. In the fall of 2018, she and Jason decided to take a big step in exploring a relationship with God by signing up for Starting Point.

Stephanie had real, objective and intellectual questions about Jesus but was hesitant to ask them at first. Over the first few group meetings, she sat and listened, soaking everything in. She began to realize that others shared her questions and background—both things that caused her to leave church initially. In the Starting Point community, she began to open up about her questions, being honest about doubts and hesitations. Through this, she grew, learned and came to the conclusion that Jesus was who he claimed to be - placing her faith in Christ.

In her own words, she said: “Starting Point calmed my inner struggle with Christianity. It allowed me to openly discuss and research my concerns and previously held beliefs, without judgment. I can now express that I firmly believe Jesus is the foundation of Christianity without getting a pit in my stomach, not knowing if it was true or not. I now proclaim openly and excitedly that I am a follower of Christ, without reservation or hesitation.”

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