Stories of Life Change

Adam Ulatoski

A career of competitive football became an identity, until the pursuit of success was replaced by something better for Adam and his family.

Stephanie Scheffer

Realizing the power of asking real, honest, and authentic questions.

The Penningtons

Loss is painful, but the Pennington's let God turn pain into purpose through patience, opportunity, and adoption.

The Bullas

The impact of generosity goes so much further than we realize. Watch as we had the incredibly unique privilege of saying thank you to those who have sacrificed because they're for people.

Madison Meyer

A 16 year old. A nonprofit. 

And a desire to see the homeless community in Austin trasnformed.

Joe Beckham

Community has been the difference maker in the life of Joe, Trish, and their family.

Eric Starks

Finding love and belonging in the midst of the peaks and valleys that life brings our way, Eric's the older brother we all wish that we had.

Rashaud Haynes

To Rashaud, family is everything, and a pivotal family circumstance led him to a place where he realized that faith was all he could fall back on.


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